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We're a Student Senate committee who creates technological solutions to serve the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Take a look at some of our projects below, and then get involved!

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Shuttle Tracker

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🚐 Shuttle tracking for RPI.

  • Route changes tab (#268) * Add new component * Add changes page draft * Finish changes page * Adjust TabBar for Changes tab * Adjust adminmessage location

  • Route toggling (#267) * first commit * for alex * tinkering with legend position * Added a box to the top-right that is planned to display toggle buttons for the elements in the legend. * fixed alignment of legend text * Got rid of excess buttons on Legend, and adjusted the buttons on the toggle interface. Not yet complete. * html refactor * style * style * Trimmed down routes from route toggle window, added a button that might be able to have functionality added to it Note that routes being removed from the route toggle window is from Lauren Lui's contributions; she was unable to commit due to git issues. * Tried to get it to work. Did not work. Future plans are to work in a different folder, so this commit may be reverted. * Got rid of extra stuff added from before in public.vue, and added a table on the settings page. * Made button appear in settings page! Does not currently correspond to anything. * Deleted toggle function from public.vue. Added test statements for buttons. * Removed extraneous code from route.ts. Modified settings page to accurately reflect route state. Needs to update map now? I think. * Added function to Route * Implemented route toggling successfully. Need to test with stops & possibly adjust UI. * fixed a typo? * Revert "fixed a typo?" This reverts commit 7807c5ec2d4deffcbe951c9668263067a9035603. * Removed description column & extra javascript variable. * don't show vehicles to route off * Removed schedule column - doesn't display properly. * Stops now toggle based on what routes are enabled. * sorted routes * change back original files * remove package lock * reduce spacing between items on settings page * fixed issues for pull request * remove vscode file

  • Exporting and Importing Routes (#266) * Added non-functional Export button * Update routesAdmin.vue * Added button to choose a file to import and non-functional Submit button * Revert "Added button to choose a file to import and non-functional Submit button" This reverts commit eae13cd6bbaa9efbceeec6bc0cb3456a6ac465e4. * Added button to select file to import and non-functional submit * Update routesAdmin.vue * Syntax fixes * More syntax fixes * Added typing for new 'file' attribute * Bug fixes for import feature * Update routesAdmin.vue * Update routesAdmin.vue * Reverted a change * Resolved all compilation errors * Update routesAdmin.vue * Update routesAdmin.vue Fixed upload function so that the vue variable recieves the file. Remodeled the iteration to work with a json file * Update routesAdmin.vue Added function (currently not fully functional, so commented out partially) that can read json file from event file type * Removed syntax errors from first part of addImportedRoutes() * Update routesAdmin.vue Fixed file upload as JSON * Update routesAdmin.vue Changed route creation iteration * Update routesAdmin.vue Added fixes so routes are properly created from imported files. Moved creation function so that the JSON is not updated and read from in asynchronous functions * Added exception handling to JSON Parsing * Added exception handling to all of addImportedRoutes() * Improved Exception Handling for addImportedRoutes() * Added exception for non-JSON file being submitted * Added comments to import/export code * Updated CSS for import button * Create upload-icon.svg * Update routesAdmin.vue I dont actually know why its asking me to commit rn * Update routesAdmin.vue Added formatting to buttons for File Upload * Formatting fix * Cleaned up a testing console.log() * add import instruction in readme

  • Fusionbus (#265) * first commit to busbutton fork * is this work? * added testfile * attempt 2 * try add test file * final test * another test * another nother test * Hi * hii * update * master update * changed emoji * test * Adding bus button choice attempt * compiler errors * trailing whitespace * html menu * html edit * drop down menu complete * More emoji and message * Edited button to show which one was chosen * Put button on same line as message * deleted files * Added back test.sh * fixes * added conf.json.sample file * fixed newline * fixed code on go.mod * fixed permission * fusion bus button part1 * fusion bus button part 2 * fusion bus fix * Revert "Fusion bus" * fusion bus button attempt 2 * added original bus button back * fixed travis ci build * maybe fixed spacing * fixed go.mod file

  • Eta refactored (#264) * escape * Separated eta.go file into eta_math file and manager file * Enables /eta endpoint * logs all calculated etas to the local storage for the browswer * fixed build error with writejson * Delete settings.json * Update go.mod

The RPI Elections dashboard for GM Week and Freshman Elections.

  • Some Updates based on GM Week 2019 (#107) * Add node SESSION_SECRET to config.js * Display Graduate Nominator Status The entry/exit date does not matter for grads * Remove candidate admin rights This overrides the CMS API call for candidates who happen to be members of the EC and WTG on CMS. Once somebody is added to the website they give up their admin rights until they are removed as a candidate. One thing to note is that I use a synchronous MySQL library instead of the default async one.

  • change license to AGPL

  • Fix AMA question tab filters Resolves #56

  • show RCS on nominations, send nomination number up to server

  • Campaign manager & view platform button (#102) * Update campaign manager text * Fix "Meet a Candidate" platform button * Update "Meet a Candidate" section on homepage * Update platform link on offices page * Update webtech email resolves #88

Senate Survey

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The Student Senate survey platform.

Petitions (old)

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RPI Petitions service, created from a fork of RIT's PawPrints.

New petitions site

  • change license to AGPL

  • Front end base (#24) Summary of changes: - Instructions for setting up a SQLite database - Settings files for development and production - Add admin view to create Petition and Tag objects - Basic index page, closes #12 - Base for create petition page - Small changes to model and static files

  • Setup travis, use pipenv, and python black (#25) * The project will now use pipenv, instead of virtualenv. * Travis CI will run on pushes to all branches. * Python Black is now enforced. Closes #19.

  • Model (#18) Create the model for a user, tag, response and petition.

  • Slight PDF fix (#20) Adds an additional option to install the virtualenv to the petitions-rewrite folder

WebTech identity service

WebTech website

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Provides an overview of WebTech projects, commits, and contributors.