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We create technological solutions to serve the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Take a look at some of our projects below, and then get involved!

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The RPI Elections dashboard for GM Week and Freshman Elections.

  • Email notifications (#83) Send email notifications when a candidate, candidate assistant, or AMA question is added to the site

  • Update Box Repo Link It expires every 6 months so it needs to be updated for new elections.

  • Change candidate list item background to red in office editor if designated as winner

  • Allow for win status to be toggled, per-candidate, when managing offices

  • Display red border around candidate photo if designated as winner

Ruby on Rails document management system

RPI Petitions service, created from a fork of RIT's PawPrints.

Senate Survey

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Spring 2017 Student Senate survey.

Shuttle Signups

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A web interface to simplify the process of signing up for special shuttles at RPI.

Shuttle Tracker

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Shuttle tracking for RPI.

  • Update Documentation in README.md (#65)

  • Display last update time in correct timezone (#63)

  • UI changes (#57) * Titlebar fixes, retina map tiles * Smaller WTG logo, remove console log messages * Better mobile sizing * Remove Mapbox * Fix vehicle last update time message * Better header, shuttle and stop icons, and map tiles * Remove Open Sans import * Request Retina tiles if client supports them * Move Leaflet into repo, out of bower * Reduce min zoom level * Readd things that admin interface depends on

  • User Interface updates (#56) Good enough for now

  • Redo config loading and Docker stuff

WebTech website

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Provides an overview of WebTech projects, commits, and contributors.