Web Technologies Group

We create technological solutions to serve the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Take a look at some of our projects below, and then get involved!

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The RPI Elections dashboard for GM Week and Freshman Elections.

Ruby on Rails document management system

RPI Petitions service, created from a fork of RIT's PawPrints.

Senate Survey

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Spring 2017 Student Senate survey.

Shuttle Signups

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A web interface to simplify the process of signing up for special shuttles at RPI.

Shuttle Tracker

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Shuttle tracking for RPI.

  • New administrator interface layout (#107) * reformatting of admin ui * Basic Stop Editing functionality implemeneted * improve admin interface, same functionality as old one, less bugs * Self Host Vuejs * deleted unnecessary comments * Capitalization fixes, Titlebar Shadow fix, Hide Users/Messages Tabs * Stop card drop down boxes now show what route they are currently on by default

  • Redo Dockerfile (#106) * Switch Dockerfile back to Alpine and remove Node/Bower stuff * Remove Bower * Switch Polymer to Vue in readme

  • Switch to upstream runner (#105)

  • Make database an interface (#104) * Sketch out database interface * Flesh out MongoDB database implementation * Remove legacy structs * Select vehicles by vehicleID field * Handle errors during MongoDB index creation * Add comments * Make Hound happy

  • Add updates vehicle ID and created time, enabled vehicles indices

WebTech website

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Provides an overview of WebTech projects, commits, and contributors.