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We create technological solutions to serve the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Take a look at some of our projects below, and then get involved!

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The RPI Elections dashboard for GM Week and Freshman Elections.

Ruby on Rails document management system

RPI Petitions service, created from a fork of RIT's PawPrints.

Senate Survey

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Fall 2017 Student Senate survey.

Shuttle Signups

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A web interface to simplify the process of signing up for special shuttles at RPI.

Shuttle Tracker

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Shuttle tracking for RPI.

  • Live indicator improvements (#134) * Live indicator fades in and out instead of changing size (resolves #132) * Fix live indicator container width * Temporarily committed Joey's homework

  • Custom admin alert messages (#126) * Add an alert pop up * Add backend support for setting a message * Add admin interface for adding messages * Escape HTML strings

  • Update to new logo (#131) very flat

  • Dark mode persistence with localStorage (#128) Make dark mode persist over reload

  • Route Scheduling (#121) * Adds Legend on bottom left which adds and removes routes dynamically shuttle stops and user location is hard coded. * fixed Hound errors * Attempt at fixing weird indentation shennanigans between the editor I used and gith. * fixed another indentation error * Basic concept layout for how to add route active times * Add an active display element * Add fields to handle times on backend * Restructure layout with bulma * Add tabs for scheduling a route * Modify some interface structure * Apply interface changes * temporarily add bulma cdn * Implement strucutre for sorting active time intervals * Sort intervals by time * Create a function for finding which state the route should be in * Schedule routes based on a given time, and set the active flag accordingly * Hide route on the frontend if it is not currently active * Begin writing a test * Interface improvements for adding scheduled times * added missing brackets * Fixed hound violations * Decreased route update time to every 15s to save some bandwidth * Remove test to fix build * Self Host Bulma * Clean up titlebar and sidebar * Fix title centering * fixed a bug in deleting a scheduled route time * Removed some code for admin messages from another branch * fix hound violations * Use Stamen HTTPS CDN on admin panel * remove hacks * Fix minor mistake introudced by merge * Don't sass me

WebTech website

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Provides an overview of WebTech projects, commits, and contributors.