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We're a Student Senate committee who creates technological solutions to serve the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Take a look at some of our projects below, and then get involved!

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Shuttle Tracker

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🚐 Shuttle tracking for RPI.

  • Dark Theme (#276) * Add a setting for dark theme (setting ONLY, no actual theme). * Create a dark theme for the app. This theme is CSS-based. It is activated by adding an attribute to the <body> tag: `data-theme="dark"`. The definitions for this theme are in vars.css. All color references in the app are replaced with CSS variables that target the current theme. Bulma style variables are also overridden to comply with the theme. * Connect the dark theme settings with the dark theme CSS * Add dark map tiles for the dark theme

  • Faq page (#275) * Created an faq page which can be accessed by "/faq". Potential q-mark added to map. * Q-mark now links to faq * Made some changes to improve presentation (for etas). * Added q-mark with correct font and color * Adds second link to FAQ page next to Privacy Policy. Removes Vue warnings in etas.vue. * style and copy changes Co-authored-by: Evan Lazaro <evanlazaro@gmail.com>

  • Eta refactored (#274) * escape * Separated eta.go file into eta_math file and manager file * Enables /eta endpoint * logs all calculated etas to the local storage for the browswer * fixed build error with writejson * Delete settings.json * Update go.mod * Trying to get information to display on endpoint. * Etas endpoint now displays all etas in presentable format; this will eventually be updated to only show etas for closest shuttle stop. * Modified variable names to fit more in line with naming convention. * Updates go.mod * Changing naming back just to check. * Renamed variables AGAIN to fix checks. * Added column to display route. Co-authored-by: RRM123 <40575227+RRM123@users.noreply.github.com> Co-authored-by: Derek Li <39635290+derekli2000@users.noreply.github.com> Co-authored-by: Andrew Qu <qual1337@gmail.com>

  • Revert "Retaining Toggled Routes (#271)" (#273) This reverts commit 4f236bf97077c3eb117adf3765310f6549426964.

  • Revert "Eta refactored (#270)" This reverts commit 806cb940150bd1bc215534904baaa1064fc15988.

The RPI Elections dashboard for GM Week and Freshman Elections.

  • Some Updates based on GM Week 2019 (#107) * Add node SESSION_SECRET to config.js * Display Graduate Nominator Status The entry/exit date does not matter for grads * Remove candidate admin rights This overrides the CMS API call for candidates who happen to be members of the EC and WTG on CMS. Once somebody is added to the website they give up their admin rights until they are removed as a candidate. One thing to note is that I use a synchronous MySQL library instead of the default async one.

  • change license to AGPL

  • Fix AMA question tab filters Resolves #56

  • show RCS on nominations, send nomination number up to server

  • Campaign manager & view platform button (#102) * Update campaign manager text * Fix "Meet a Candidate" platform button * Update "Meet a Candidate" section on homepage * Update platform link on offices page * Update webtech email resolves #88

Senate Survey

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The Student Senate survey platform.

Petitions (old)

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RPI Petitions service, created from a fork of RIT's PawPrints.

New petitions site

  • change license to AGPL

  • Front end base (#24) Summary of changes: - Instructions for setting up a SQLite database - Settings files for development and production - Add admin view to create Petition and Tag objects - Basic index page, closes #12 - Base for create petition page - Small changes to model and static files

  • Setup travis, use pipenv, and python black (#25) * The project will now use pipenv, instead of virtualenv. * Travis CI will run on pushes to all branches. * Python Black is now enforced. Closes #19.

  • Model (#18) Create the model for a user, tag, response and petition.

  • Slight PDF fix (#20) Adds an additional option to install the virtualenv to the petitions-rewrite folder

WebTech identity service

WebTech website

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Provides an overview of WebTech projects, commits, and contributors.