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We create technological solutions to serve the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Take a look at some of our projects below, and then get involved!

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The RPI Elections dashboard for GM Week and Freshman Elections.

  • Fix AMA question tab filters Resolves #56

  • show RCS on nominations, send nomination number up to server

  • Campaign manager & view platform button (#102) * Update campaign manager text * Fix "Meet a Candidate" platform button * Update "Meet a Candidate" section on homepage * Update platform link on offices page * Update webtech email resolves #88

  • Maintenance permissions (#101) - only WTG members have permission to configure maintenance setting - change RnE references to EC - change permissions verification

  • Fix zero nominations office creation (#100) Allow the creation of offices with zero nominations.

Ruby on Rails document management system

RPI Petitions service, created from a fork of RIT's PawPrints.

Senate Survey

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The Student Senate survey platform.

Student Government website

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The Student Government website and Wordpress theme

Shuttle Signups

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A web interface to simplify the process of signing up for special shuttles at RPI.

Shuttle Tracker

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Shuttle tracking for RPI.

  • Route name on stops (#210) Add route indicators on stop bubbles

  • Google Analytics and tab bar changes (#209) - use vue-analytics with Vue Router integration - colorize tab bar - remove back link from about page

  • Bus button (#207) - Send bus button message to Fusion server when bus button pressed - Broadcast bus button messages to all Fusion clients - Show bus icons at positions specified in bus button messages if bus button setting enabled - Send client geolocation to Fusion server if setting enabled - Create settings screen - Create schedules screen - Move link to about page to settings screen - Persist settings in client localStorage - Create tab bar for switching between map, schedules, and settings screens - Create service for receiving callbacks for client geolocation changes - Show bus button if setting enabled - Admin messages show up between map and tab bar instead of overlapping map - Remove dropdown menu - Remove live indicator - Fusion server debug output shows last received message time and client user agent - Don't log when Fusion client closes connection

  • Show what route a vehicle is traveling on in vehicle popup (#206)

  • Use imported user icon circle (#205)

WebTech website

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Provides an overview of WebTech projects, commits, and contributors.