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Introducing Scavnet… again

January 25th, 2010 by Brian Michalski

Scavnet has been re-released here at RPI, completely rewritten in Ruby on Rails 2.3.4. If you are interested, you can check it out at RPI here: http://scavnet.myrpi.org.

We initially launched this application as part of the MyRPI suite of applications back around 2007-2008. During its initial launch, the code still had a few bugs that needed addressing and it never really took off on campus. As we work to redesign the current incarnation of MyRPI we decided Scavnet, like a few of our other applications, should live on as a stand alone application. Hopefully this separation will make it much easier for future administrators to manage and update as needed.

Additionally, we’ve open sourced Scavnet under the GNU GPL v2. You can grab a copy of the source code from Github at http://github.com/wtg/scavnet/.

Concerto-Signage.com is Live

July 20th, 2009 by Brian Zaik

So we’ll be putting out a more official release shortly about the site, but the cat’s out of the bag: Concerto-Signage.com is up and looking snazzy. We hope people like the new site. It’s the product of a couple weeks of work, and we’re extremely proud of the results. This website is the new global home of the Concerto Project, and we intend to build it into the hub for all Concerto-related activities as time goes on. For now, enjoy the site, download the code, try installing it, and check back for more updates soon!