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The Flagship Sets Sail!

February 2nd, 2010 by Kenley Cheung

Flagship 2 has set sail!

At the first Student Senate meeting of the year, the Web Technologies Group launched version two of Flagship Docs.  For years, student government at RPI lacked an easy to use and effective system of managing documents, whether it be press releases, meeting minutes, or even parking rules.

The WTG understands how the lack of organization, clarity, and branding hinders student government’s ability to communicate to the student body, so we decided to tackle the problem by creating our very own system from the ground up.  The first version of Flagship, written by Haris Khan, was released in February of last year.  It was an effective solution to solving this problem, but we felt that effective wasn’t enough.

Full-text search in Flagship 2 deserves a Spotlight of its own.

Full-text search in Flagship 2 deserves a Spotlight *cough* of its own.

Over the course of 2 months, the WTG has worked on making Flagship one of the best document management systems in existence. The entire codebase was rewritten to refine features such as categorization and the user interface, and to include new features such as the built-in full-text search engine (shown on left).

In our commitment towards developing solutions to tackle issues affecting student government and the student body, we have published the entire code on our GitHub repository, meaning that anyone can take Flagship, deploy it on his or her own system, and even modify it to suit their needs and share his or her contribution to the community.

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