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Created in 2006, the Web Tech Group builds websites and a whole lot more. Read more.

Members of the Web Tech Group

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   Charlie Machalow

   Chris Chappell

Chris is a class of 2016 student at RPI. He is currently working on the redesign of the Web Tech website, as well as learning Ruby on Rails, JQuery, and web design in general.

   Dan Bruce

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Dan Bruce is an Information Technology and Web Science major and is currently the editor in chief of The Polytechnic. He manages a few server and site setups, including The Poly, the Pi Chapter of Zeta Psi and its associated pages, and his own stuff.

Dan enjoys long walks on the beautiful banks of the Hudson and candlelit dinners by the Green Island Bridge.

   Gabe Perez

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Gabe is a Computer Science major in the class of 2016. He joined the WTG in the fall of his freshman year and began exploring the world of web development. He tries to contribute to Concerto 2 and enjoys working on his new project: the Rensselaer Study Network. 

As of fall 2013, Gabe is the new Web Tech CIO. 

   Gerald Franklin

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After two years with the Web Tech Group, Gerald was appointed Project Manager, helping to oversee the club's various projects. When he isn't learning HTML and CSS, Gerald is designing video games that will one day connect people and change lives.

   Michael Cuozzo

   Michael Dewey

   Vinson Liu

   Yidong Ren

Web Tech Alumni

   Andrew Armenia

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Andrew graduated from RPI in 2008 with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer and Systems Engineering and is currently pursuing a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. When he's not working on Concerto or fixing UPSs in the server room, or doing research on storing large quantities of data from the power grid, he can usually be found working on his car or on random projects at the RPI Electronics Club.

   August Fietkau

Having founded and chaired the WebTech Group from 2005-2008, I graduated with a BS in Computer Science and Management in May '09. This summer, I find myself continuing WebTech work in the office, consisting mostly of cleaning up the loose ends of our many projects, helping develop the future plans for the WTG, and wrapping up my work on Concerto deployment and logistics.

   Brian Michalski

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Brian "chairs" the Web Tech Group, which is kind of like being the conductor on a train with a great deal of momentum moving downhill towards a cliff without brakes.  Brian spends his spare time on Concerto (aka Digital Signage), Shuttle Tracking, myRPI-space, cleaning the office, and just about every other project.

In addition, Brian is one of the few members of the WTG who enjoys working with the overhead lights on.

   Brian R Zaik

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I head up design for many of the user interfaces and forward-focused software developments with which users directly interact.  For some reason, much of what I say gets turned into common Web Tech sayings and catchphrases.  I'm not afraid of starting from the ground up (actually, I much prefer it to the alternative), and I'm really proud of building the Web Tech Group into the Rensselaer Union's resident skunkworks with the rest of these nerds.  Since I'm back for my Master's at RPI, I'll be making sure that the future of the WTG is even brighter than its past history.

   Charles Emala

Charles Emala is a senior at RPI majoring in Computer Systems and Electrical Engineering. He spends much of his time working with the hardware at the numerous Concerto deployments. When he's not hanging 20 feet in the air off a ladder in Commons, he can be found working on cars or working with the Senate's Finance, Facilities, and Advancement Committee.


   Corey Stall

Corey Stall is a Senior at RPI, majoring in Computer Science and Physics.  He has served on the Student Senate in the past, and is currently a Resident Assistant, and EMT with RPI Ambulance.  His interests include learning about Ruby on Rails, and porridge.

   Haris Khan

Haris is a Computer Systems Engineer '11. He has been tired of academia since high school. Bored of the monotnous life of BarH, he found the Web Technologies Group and his sanity has been both saved and destroyed. The same can't be said of his GPA. He likes doing 1337 stuff, like Concerto, the Union Website, and creating tools to help student government operatives. He also routinely wears a fedora.

   Jessica Mallow

   Jonathan Goldszmidt

   Kenley Cheung

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Kenley is a Computer Science major '13.  He joined the WTG in Fall 2009 and is currently working on RPInventory, myRPI, and Concerto.  When he's not in the SGS, he can be found watching hockey games, working in the Union Administration Office, relaxing in Barton Hall, or doing something else.  He is also involved in the electronics club and class council.  His favorite things include CSS, MVC, and long walks on the beach.

   Kyle MacKenzie

   Mackenzie Sullivan

   Marc Ebuna

   Mark Anderson

   Michael DiTore

Mike is an EE+CSYS major, 2010. While his first involvement with the WTG was to build the foundation for the current interface to Concerto, he has since gotten involved in Ruby on Rails 2 and now spend his time obsessively researching and advocating the latest DRY, RESTful, sugary, and otherwise time-consuming Rails code he can get his hands on.  Somewhere along the way he made the unfortunate mistake of getting involved with version control, however, and his sanity is currently on the verge.

   Scott Altman

Scott came to the SGS and never really left.  A recent drawing by a fellow WTG member pretty accurately depicts him as almost always sitting in one of the SGS's seven comfortable chairs.  Eventually, he joined Webtech to help out with consumer relations.  Throughout his life, Scott has had some strange interests, including drinking coffee from sketchy gas stations and watching traffic reports on TV at the age of four.  Scott is also involved in some other organizations, most prominantly RPI TV.     

   Sir Thomas

Sir Thomas (otherwise known as Senor Rubenstein and Senor Cashflow) joined the Webtech team in Fall 2007 to work on Concerto.


Sir Thomas also really likes the Queen.

   Tiffany Milano

I'm majoring in Electronic Media Arts and Communications and Computer Science class of 2012. I enjoy learning new things and working on RPI TV events.

   Tom Falls

Tom Falls is currently a sophomore majoring in nuclear engineering at RPI.  Tom can usually be found hanging around in the student government suite working or playing some video games. If he's not in the SGS or Webtech office, he can be found randomly around campus.


   Zach Rowe

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Zach Rowe is a Senior Computer Science major, minoring in both Management and Economics.  When not procrastinating in the offive, Zach works on Shuttle Tracking, Concerto, and the Union website, as well as general office upkeep.  He also makes use of the overhead lighting on occasion.