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The Web Technologies Group, an agency of the RPI Student Senate, is responsible for maintaining the Senate's web presence. But this group does a lot more than that - everything from deploying a digital signage network built from scratch by WTG alumni to developing web apps for the Rensselaer Union and other organizations. Oh, and the WTG also tracks RPI shuttles.


WTG Layouts

The Web Tech Group has created some rather impressive looking sites and applications over the years. Now, in an effort to ensure that these great designs live on, we're releasing all of the markup, graphics, and stylesheets behind them!


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Visit the Offive Blog to learn more about what's been going on lately in the Student Union - we're there night and day, surfing the tubes.


Or...submit a help ticket for one of our projects.

Our ticketing system allows you to specify the project - Concerto, Rensselaer Union website, Student Senate website, Shuttle Track, or another - and quickly describe the problem you're experiencing. We'll get back to you soon!