Creating technological solutions
that benefit the lives
of students at RPI.

Take a peek at some of our projects:

Shuttle Tracker

Need a ride? The shuttle tracking application allows for RPI students to locate shuttles en route and keep track of when a shuttle is approaching their stop.
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Concerto @ RPI

Created by RPI alumni, Concerto is an open-source, web-based digital signage system. Most RPI informational screens are powered by Concerto and are managed by WebTech.
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RPI Petitions

Forked from RIT's PawPrints petitions service, the RPI Petitions service allows for students to create petitions that, with enough student support, will definitively be brought to the Student Senate for review.
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Flagship Docs

Flagship Docs is a document management system that is used by multiple groups at RPI to manage documents, files, presentations, and other resources.
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RPI Elections

The RPI Elections portal allows for students to track the GM Week and freshman elections, view candidates' platforms, learn about political parties, and stay updated on upcoming events.
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RPI Ambulance

RPI's student-run emergency medical response agency, RPI Ambulance saves students' lives regularly. To thank them, we're rebuilding their website.
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MyRPI Hosting

MyRPI Hosting is a web hosting service maintained by WebTech that provides access to cutting-edge web technologies not offered by RPI itself or by the Rensselaer Union.
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